Designing and Building Cars

At first, we worked with a partner to create a car design collaboratively. We demonstrated excellent cooperation skills as we shared our ideas. We discussed and decided which materials we would need to make our vehicle.

To build the base of the car, we measured pieces of wood and marked where we would need to cut them.

When we had measured the different sections, we used hack saws to cut them safely.

Finally, we glued the sections together to make the base frame. we used cardboard triangles to support the joints.


Tag Rugby

As part of the World Rugby Hall of Fame programme, we are lucky to have a coach coming to visit us in school. For the next 3 weeks, one of our PE lessons will be tag rugby led by special coach. Check out the children in action!



What do plants need to grow well?

During Science, we planned an investigation. We created a key question ‘What do plants need to grow well?’ and made predictions.

We put plants in different locations to see how that would affect their growth. We have placed one in the dark, one in the cold and one without water, we will compare our results with a plant that is being kept watered, warm and in the light.

We will monitor their growth over the week and share our findings at the Science Fair!

Comparing Decimals

We enjoyed consolidating our decimal learning by playing a game with our partner. We had mixed decimal number cards that we had to organise. We took turns to choose cards at random and then our partner would tell us how to arrange them e.g. smallest to largest. We made the game increasingly harder by choosing more cards to arrange. After a few turns, we set challenges for our partner to solve and peer assessed their understanding.

Wow Exit

For our Fire and Ice ‘Wow Exit’, we would love to watch the film The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe. This film has a PG (Parental Guidance) rating. If for any reason you would not like your child to watch the film, please send a note into school. Otherwise we will assume permission has been given. Thank you 🙂

Quest Stories!

We have finished writing our fantastic quest stories and they are now ready to present in our books! The children have written blurbs and designed eye-catching front covers. The stories have used fantastic vocabulary that grab and engage the reader. We have plenty of future authors in our class!

Line Types

We started our learning this week by identifying the different line types around our classroom. After being able to identify different lines around our classroom, we learned how to use a set-square.

The set-square helped us to draw perfect parallel and perpendicular lines. We worked in pairs to check each other’s understanding and made sure that we were using the equipment correctly.